INSTADEBIT is like paying with a cheque online, only easier! Sign up and start using your account instantly, without waiting for account activation or approval, as long as you have a bank account at any financial institution in Canada.

During Sign Up, you will be asked for your bank account information, which can be found at the bottom of your cheque. Please see our FAQs for additional information.

Note:  INSTADEBIT is not an e-wallet and funds cannot be directly deposited into your INSTADEBIT account from your bank account. Simply select INSTADEBIT at a supported merchant’s site at checkout, log in to your account and click Approve!

Transaction Step One
Select INSTADEBIT at merchant checkout
Transaction Step Two
Sign Up or Log In to your account
Transaction Step Three
Consumer Login

Consumer Log In

Log in to your INSTADEBIT account any time to:

  • View your complete transaction history
  • Accept refunds or withdraw funds
  • Change the personal information associated with your account
  • Verify your bank account
Refund & Withdrawls

Refunds & Withdrawals

If a merchant issues you a refund, the funds will be deposited into your INSTADEBIT account within 3-5 business days. You will be able to use these funds to make other purchases through INSTADEBIT. If you want to withdraw funds directly to your bank account, simply log in to your INSTADEBIT account and click Withdraw Funds.

Bank Verificationn

Bank Verification

After creating an INSTADEBIT account, you will notice a small deposit from INSTADEBIT on your bank statement. This amount is used to verify your bank account. You will get higher spending limits by confirming this deposit total on your INSTADEBIT account profile page.

To verify your bank account:

  • Look on your bank statement to find the amount of the deposit from INSTADEBIT
  • Log in to your INSTADEBIT account and click Verify Account
  • Enter the amount that was deposited into your bank account

If you have any questions about verifying your bank account, please see our Bank Verification FAQs.

Customer Support

We’re always here to help! Contact us by email or chat anytime for assistance using INSTADEBIT.